An Insider's Roadmap

“What sets The Entrepreneur’s IPO apart is its laser focus on the qualitative and quantitative elements crucial for engaging the right investment bankers, investors, industry experts, board members, and other team players.

This comprehensive resource not only equips you with the knowledge needed to take your company public but also provides insider perspectives that can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.”
-David Meltzer

About The Author:

Peter Goldstein is a seasoned entrepreneur, capital markets expert, and investor with over 35 years of diverse international business experience. Throughout his career, he’s held pivotal roles, including CEO, chairman, investment banker, founder, board member, investor, and advisor to public, private, and emerging growth companies.

Peter’s achievements span capital markets specializing in equity financing, strategic planning, and transaction structuring. These include numerous successful IPOs, M&A, uplisting, reverse merger transactions, private placements, and crowdfunding campaigns.

He’s the founder of Exchange Listing, LLC, dedicated to facilitating growth companies’ listings on esteemed exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE, and Emmis Capital, a specialized boutique fund investing in global small and microcap pre-IPO growth companies.

It is possible to take your growth stage company public. IPO preparation starts here!

By distilling practical insights and insider perspectives, this book empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and increase their chances of IPO success.

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